P2P2P2P Workshop

How can we reimagine a personal profile on the web? We asked this question in relation to the peer to peer web and created an activity for the summit attendees to imagine this for themselves. We thought clicking through one’s website could be similar to walking through rooms with varying levels of intimacy within physical spaces like our homes. What is a place that someone inhabits and builds for themselves, and how does it feel to connect this place with others to build a metaphorical neighborhood, forest, or galaxy? 

During our workshop, we presented these ideas, gave a brief introduction and demo of Beaker Browser, and let people begin their own P2P2P2P site by customizing our source site. Participants filled out our worldbuilding worksheet to inspire ideas on what to include on their website, and then they added in their worksheet answers to further customize their P2P2P2P site. Finally, we attempted to make a webring by standing in a circle, connecting with peers on either side and then later linking to their fellow P2P2P2P site.

You can see how we introduced this concept with our presentation, imagine your own place on the peer to peer web with our worksheet, and consider making your own P2P2P2P site with our source site: dat://ccf84a6f345f0b2c978067262da642d7ccd10c68e68d79f956fc1a117c901e8d.

(Note: You will need Beaker Browser in order to view this site running on the dat protocol.)



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Workshop: P2P2P2P Trailer >

Laurel Schwulst
Designer, Writer, Teacher, Yale University

Laurel Schwulst currently teaches interactive design at Yale University and maintains Beautiful Company, a design practice. Previously, she was creative director of The Creative Independent and worked at the New York-based design studio Linked by Air. Most recently, she's excited about the potential of the peer to peer web in the context of creative self-publishing.



Videos from the summit:

Kyle Mock
Designer, Unaffiliated

Kyle Mock is a fan of distributed web technology who studied painting and drawing at California College of the Arts. From DAT sites to chatrooms, he explores ways to enable more people to build and own their own communities online. As a self-taught designer, his vision is to make open web technologies easier to use and understood by less technical audiences. 


Videos from the summit: