In Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace, Larry Lessig argues that there are four "regulators" that profoundly guide the way societies behave: Technology, Law, Markets and Norms.  So Architecture/Code alone cannot change society.

At the Decentralied Web Summit we decided to bring you thought leaders from each of these realms.

The builders of new protocols, creating the tools that may one day allow you to exchange ideas freely, in any place, preserved for all time, across networks that are private and secure.

Those who understand the rule of law and how to negotiate policies that allow innovation and experimentation.

Innovators in the markets, trying to redistribute value in new ways.

The artists, writers, and philosophers who so often codify the norms of society.

Here are a selection of the featured speakers highlighting the Architecture, Laws, Markets and Norms of the emerging decentralized web.

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