Camp Day Three July 20 Lightning Talks DWeb + Colonisation

mix irving

scuttlebutt / protozoa
The dweb is a bold "new frontier" right? This is a retelling of an old
story about empire/colonisation that we're at risk of perpetuating.
Let's move beyond a path of oppression, of singular definitions of being
+ knowledge. Let's learn a little bit about our blind spots and how to
deliver on the vision of distributed web.

What will You learn?
A perspective about how this isn't new, and insight into what I as a beginner have already learnt.
Mix Irving
Scuttlebutt, Enspiral, Protozoa

Mix is a community gardener from the Scuttlebutt ecosystem - this involves cheering others on, helping connect rad people with resources, and crafting social patterns which will help us move closer to a solarpunk future. He's a practicing programmer, teacher, cooperative worker-owner, parent. Communities that he's helped grow, and have grown him  include : ,,


Talks: Embracing Subjectivity -


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