Camp Day Three July 20 Lightning Talks P 2 P Accounting For Planetary Survival by Popsi

developer / architect / catalyst, Holochain REA project
A quick explanation of the ValueFlows semantic web model as a "schema for the economy".

What will You learn?
How we can enable a resource-based, barter-like economy which makes all things (including externalities) quantifiable & tradeable.
pospi ·
Systems architect, developer & catalyst, Holochain REA Project

Pospi is a former web developer turned blockchain developer turned Holochain developer. His current engagement is HoloREA, a general-purpose resource accounting framework for complex value exchange which has origins in a 40-year body of work. He has a strong interest in ethical production and conscious consumerism, and previously created Everledger’s diamond provenance technology before working at the Ethereum development studio ConsenSys on a range of other blockchain projects. He left that industry in late 2018 after concluding that the profit motive would corrupt and subvert any good that might be achievable, and now dedicates his efforts to building digital commons & social fabric in ecosystems hoping to create viable alternatives to capitalism.

He is based on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, close to his great loves of rainforest creeks and sparsely populated beaches.



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