Camp Day Two July 19 Lightning Talk Web Crawlers In The Browser By Paul Frazee

Paul Frazee

Founder, Beaker Browser

A p2p web means everyone is their own server -- but what if they were
their own Google too? Turns out, your browser can do more than just
publish. It can search, and even query the Web for the data which can
drive entire applications.

What will You learn?
will learn about how a Web crawler that's embedded in the browser can
be used to drive a personal search engine as well as many kinds of
non-search applications.

Paul Frazee
Co-Creator, Beaker Browser

Paul is the co-creator of the Beaker browser and an active contributor to the Dat protocol. Previously Paul helped found the Secure Scuttlebutt project, and has a history of working at small Web development agencies. He's here to talk about peer-to-peer computing and how the Web can become a live environment.



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