Lighting Talks! Building Peer to Peer Applications on Dat & Beaker Browser

August 2nd, 2018
Decentralized Web Summit 2018 
Log Lounge

Speakers: noffle, P2P Hacker
Mathias Buus, Chief of Research, Beaker Browser
Paul Frazee, Co-Creator, Beaker Browser
Joe Hand, Co-Executive Director, Code for Science & Society
Jon-Kyle Mohr, Myself, Friend
Jim Pick, Software Engineer, Backblend Systems, Inc.
Danielle Robinson, Co-Executive Director, Code for Science & Society
Laurel Schwulst, Designer, Writer, Teacher, Yale University 
Tara Vancil, Co-Creater, Beaker Browser

Tara Vancil
Co-Creater, Beaker Browser

Tara is the co-creator of the Beaker Browser, a browser for exploring and building the peer-to-peer Web. She co-founded Blue Link Labs, the team of decentralization enthusiasts behind the Beaker Browser and She's dedicated to building the Web of tomorrow as a Web for all.



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Danielle Robinson
Co-Executive Director, Code for Science & Society

Danielle Robinson is Co-Executive Director of Code for Science & Society, where she works to open create inclusive public access to information through decentralized technologies. She completed a PhD in Neuroscience at Oregon Health & Science University in 2016. She was a 2016 Mozilla Fellow for Science, where she ran in Working Open Workshops around the world and explored decentralized data archiving as a DataRescue strategy.



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Joe Hand
Co-Executive Director, Code for Science & Society

Joe Hand is Co-Executive Director at Code for Science & Society and a core developer on Dat Project. He has experience developing and managing data-focused programs for researchers and global community-driven organizations. Previously, Joe led a global project at the Santa Fe Institute to transform data collection practices of a community-driven organization, operating in slums across 30 countries.



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Paul Frazee
Co-Creator, Beaker Browser

Paul is the co-creator of the Beaker browser and an active contributor to the Dat protocol. Previously Paul helped found the Secure Scuttlebutt project, and has a history of working at small Web development agencies. He's here to talk about peer-to-peer computing and how the Web can become a live environment.



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Mathias Buus
Chief of Research, Beaker Browser

Mathias Buus is a self taught JavaScript hacker from Copenhagen that has been working with Node.js since the 0.2 days. Mathias likes to work with P2P and distributed systems and is the author of more than 650 modules on npm. He is also the Chief of Research at Beaker leading the technical work on the Dat protocol.



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Laurel Schwulst
Designer, Writer, Teacher, Yale University

Laurel Schwulst currently teaches interactive design at Yale University and maintains Beautiful Company, a design practice. Previously, she was creative director of The Creative Independent and worked at the New York-based design studio Linked by Air. Most recently, she's excited about the potential of the peer to peer web in the context of creative self-publishing.



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Stephen Whitmore
Digital Democracy

Stephen Whitmore works with Digital Democracy to build useful open tools that raise the bar of the commons, especially for marginalized communities.

Stephen creates and maintains open technology that enables self-determination; honors people, not profit; is sustainable for the communities that adopt it; and is maximally accessible regardless of resources or technical background. Stephen is based in Oakland, CA, USA.



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Jim Pick
Software Engineer, Backblend Systems, Inc.

Jim has been writing software since the early '80s. His career has been spread between systems consulting and working at a number of startups in Vancouver and San Francisco. He has been involved in several open source movements, include Debian GNU/Linux, where he spearheaded the ARM port and the Gnome packages, the Linux kernel community (driver development, LinuxHQ/KernelNotes, former sysadmin), open source Java (Kaffe), semantic web (co-lead the Vancouver user group), and Node.js (early employee at Joyent). An expert in web and mobile app development, currently, Jim is working as freelance developer specializing in the decentralized web and the Dat Project.


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Jon-Kyle Mohr
Myself, Friend

Jon-Kyle’s work engages three primary interests: open space, time, and networks. This often involves programming, design, music, and lots of walking. He was one of the core team members behind the publishing platform Cargo Collective, and has worked with an expansive range of cultural clients (trust us), but mostly enjoys collaborating with friends.


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