Talk: Mitchell Baker - "Revitalizing the Web"

August 1, 2018 10:30am - 11:00am
Decentralized Web Summit 2018
Front End Stage

Speakers: Wendy Hanamura, Director of Partnerships, Internet Archive (emcee); 
Mitchell Baker, Chairperson, Mozilla Foundation & Corp

Description: Technology, law, markets, customs and norms all played a role in the first phases of the web. This gives some clues about revitalizing and (re) decentralizing digital life, which this session will explore.

Mitchell Baker
Chairperson, Mozilla Foundation & Corp

As the leader of the Mozilla Project, Mitchell Baker is responsible for organizing and motivating a massive, worldwide, collective of employees and volunteers who are breathing new life into the Internet with the Firefox Web browser, Firefox OS and other Mozilla products. Mitchell continues her commitment to an open, innovative Web and the infinite possibilities it presents.


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