Talk: Where is the Web Closed? Empirical Evidence of Regional Blocking

August 2nd, 2018
Decentralized Web Summit 2018 
Log Lounge

Speakers: Anushah Hossain, PhD student, UC Berkeley
Sadia Afroz, Senior Research Scientist, International Computer Science Institute (ICSI)

Sadia Afroz
Senior Research Scientist, International Computer Science Institute (ICSI)

Sadia Afroz, PhD, is a research scientist at the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI). Her work focuses on anti-censorship, anonymity and adversarial learning. Her work on adversarial authorship attribution received the 2013 Privacy Enhancing Technology (PET) award, the best student paper award at the 2012 Privacy Enhancing Technology Symposium (PETS) and the 2014 ACM SIGSAC dissertation award (runner-up). More about her research is here:


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Anushah Hossain
PhD student, UC Berkeley

Anushah Hossain is a PhD student in the Energy and Resources Group at UC Berkeley, where she studies how marginalized communities use information technologies. She has a background in development economics and previously worked as a survey researcher on technology adoption and impact evaluation projects for the Gates Foundation, USAID, EPA, and other policy organizations. Her current research focuses on documenting points of friction in accessing the web, and their implications for global internet users.


Videos from the summit:

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