Talks: Deep dive into decentralizing the Internet Archive

August 1st, 1:30pm-2:00pm 
Decentralized Web Summit 2018
Log Lounge

Speakers: Arkadiy Kukarkin , Protocol Labs
Feross Aboukhadjeh , WebTorrent , Founder
Mitra Ardron , Internet Archive , Lead on Decentralized Web Project

As (possibly) the largest site to try and go decentralized, the Internet Archive has faced many of the problems that others will face to decentralize.  This talk discusses the challenges we've faced, and how we solved, or worked around them with partners including WebTorrent and IPFS.  We will explore the problems we are still working on. For example, how do you deal with a long tail of petabytes of data.

Feross Aboukhadjeh
Founder, WebTorrent

Feross is building WebTorrent , the first torrent client that works on the web in the browser. He is bringing P2P to the masses with accessible, WebRTC-based P2P protocols.



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Arkadiy Kukarkin
Collaborations Coordinator, Protocol Labs

Arkadiy has worked on creating sustainable communities on the web for the past decade. He is currently the Collaborations Coordinator with Protocol Labs and advising Ampled, an artist support co-operative. Previously, he was the CTO at Mediachain Labs (acquired by Spotify in spring 2017) and worked on The Hype Machine, an influential music blog aggregator.


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Mitra Ardron
Lead on Decentralized Web Project, Internet Archive

Mitra Ardron is the technical lead for the decentralization work at the Internet Archive. Apart from building a decentralized version of the archive he is interested in how we can build tools that can work across different decentralized architectures, and has built small libraries for naming and authentication.   Prior to the Archive, He co-founded the Association for Progressive Communications (, co-authored several internet standards, and was CTO on the first peer to peer video sharing system (which pioneered sharding and content addressing).  His passions include renewable energy (ran solar payment networks across Africa); and mentoring innovators working to make the world a better place. 


Videos from the summit:

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