Talks: Maidsafe: The SAFE Network: An Internet for the people by the people

August 1st, 2:00pm-3:00pm 
Decentralized Web Summit 2018 
Log Lounge

Speakers: David Irvine , Maidsafe , Founder
Vivekanand Rajkumar , Maidsafe , CTO
Nick Lambert , MaidSafe , COO
Gabriel Viagnotti , MaidSafe , Software Engineer

An overview of the world's first autonomous, data and communications network. We will explore our unique features, our architecture and latest innovations, including SAFE's new collaboration with SOLID.

Gabriel Viganotti
Software Engineer, MaidSafe

Gabriel is a Software Engineer working with MaidSafe to decentralise the internet with the SAFE Network. He started becoming involved in the project as part of the community, actively contributing to the goal of having a free web, with real privacy, no surveillance, which helps humans to come closer and closer removing all types of borders between them encouraging cooperation. Empowering developers by removing the need of big companies which act as middleman between the applications and end users has also become one of his main ambitions in the last few years.


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David Irvine
Founder & CEO, Maidsafe

David has in excess of 23 years experience in IT and 15 years running companies. He is the designer of one of the World’s largest private networks (Saudi Aramco, over $300M). He is an experienced Project Manager and has been involved in start up businesses since 1995 and has provided business consultancy to corporates and SMEs in many sectors. He has presented technology at Google (Seattle), British Computer Society (Christmas Lecture) and many others. He has spent many years as a lifeboat Helmsman and is a keen sailor when time permits. David is also a published author on papers in the fields of complex networking, distributed computing and cryptography related technologies. His is the author of 30 patent applications in the field of computer networking.



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Vivekanand Rajkumar
CTO, Maidsafe

Having graduated in Aerospace Engineering and Astronautics ​CTO Vivekanand Rajkumar​ worked as a Server Specialist at IBM before joining MaidSafe. He has extensive expense leading UX teams as well as being a certified Mobile platform engineer. Viv’s experience with IBM and his 6 years at MaidSafe ensure that he is capable of leading all aspects of development. In his time at the company he has been pivotal in refining development processes and helping to build the development team.



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Nick Lambert
COO, Maidsafe

Nick Lambert​, ​started his working life in project management roles with IBM, before a change in tack led him into senior marketing positions with a diverse range of companies. He has co-authored papers on decentralised networks, presented at several international conferences and holds an MSc in Marketing from Strathclyde University.



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