Talks: The journey to Web 3 - the Builders, the Protocols, and the Challenges Ahead

August 1st, 3:30pm-5:00pm
Decentralized Web Summit 2018
Log Lounge

Speakers: Dimitri De Jonghe, BigchainDB and Ocean Protocol, Co-Founder, Head of Research
Peter Czaban, Web3 Foundation, Executive Director
Jutta Steiner, Parity Technologies, CEO
Fredrik Harrysson, Parity Technologies, CTO
Andrei Grigorean,, Co-founder & COO
Mihai Ciucu, Blink, Co-founder, CEO
aaron kumavis, human
Patrick Nielsen, Clovyr, Co-founder, CTO

The Web3 Foundation will begin by introducing the Web3 technology stack. This framework illustrates the different protocols and projects comprising Web3. This framework is important because the Web3 tech stack forms the base upon which future mainstream decentralised applications will be built. Each component must be aligned in terms of development and compatibility for the mainstream to adopt decentralised technologies. As such, the Web3 tech stack is used as a roadmap for disparate and decentralised teams to coordinate efforts and push development forward collaboratively.

After the presentations, a Q&A is held with all speakers to dive deeper into the projects, teams and movement comprising Web3.

Dimitri De Jonghe
Co-Founder, Head of Research, BigchainDB and Ocean Protocol


Dr. Dimitri De Jonghe is a cross-domain protocol researcher. After finishing his PhD on micro-electronics and machine learning, he co-founded a series of blockchain startups: ascribe [power to creators] and BigchainDB [a blockchain database], and Ocean Protocol [a public network for data and AI marketplaces]. Currently, Dimitri is heading research at Ocean Protocol on public intelligence networks. 



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Peter Czaban
Executive Director, Web3 Foundation

Peter is the Executive Director of the Web3 Foundation which aims to bring about a more secure, efficient and trust-free web. He obtained his Masters of Engineering degree at the University of Oxford, reading Engineering Science where he focused on Bayesian Machine Learning.

He has worked across defense, finance and data analytics industries, working on mesh networks, distributed knowledge bases, quantitative pricing models, machine learning and business development. As a principal engineer at Parity Technologies, he contributed to the Parity Ethereum Client development, in particular implementing consensus algorithms, as well as driving enterprise solutions built on the Parity technology stack.

He has given multiple talks at conferences (TOA, BPASE, DevCon, EdCon) and meetups.



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Jutta Steiner
CEO, Parity Technologies

Jutta is the co-founder and CEO of Parity Technologies, a blockchain technology company best known for Parity, the most advanced Ethereum client. Parity Technologies continues to advance core blockchain infrastructure with Polkadot, an ambitious protocol that addresses blockchain governance, interoperability, and scalability issues. To help foster blockchain innovation, Parity Technologies has recently announced Parity Substrate, a blockchain-building technology that makes it easier to experiment with new ideas for sharding, encryption, and governance.


Previously, Jutta served as Chief of Security for the Ethereum Foundation and pioneered blockchain use in supply chains as Project Provenance co-founder.



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Fredrik Harrysson
CTO, Parity Technologies

Over the course of 15+ years, Fredrik has worked in everything from freelance web development to fintech, working in most popular languages from PHP to Haskell. Prior to joining Parity, he was co-founder and CTO of several startups. As CTO of Parity Technologies, Fredrik oversees the development of Parity's core blockchain infrastructure technology. He has a Masters in Engineering Physics from Lund University, Sweden.


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aaron kumavis

try make future less bad via computers + humans + cryptography


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Andrei Grigorean
Blink, Co-founder, COO

A Forbes Romania 30 under 30 winner, Andrei has a vast experience with algorithms and data structures. He is an International Olympiad in Informatics silver medalist. Before Blink, Andrei co-founded the CS Academy, a programming competitions platform.


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Mihai Ciucu
Co-founder, CEO, Blink

Prior to Blink and CS Academy, Mihai worked as a software engineer at Full Tilt Poker. In 2009 he build the world’s best Texas Hold’em Poker AI. Before Blink, Mihai co-founded the CS Academy, a programming competitions platform.


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Patrick Nielsen
Co-founder, CTO, Clovyr

Patrick Nielsen led blockchain and Quorum ("Ethereum/Zcash for Enterprise") development for JPMorgan, and was a visiting researcher at Cornell/IC3. He has been involved with several projects building usable, privacy-preserving technology, as well as open source projects like the Go programming language.


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