Talks: IPFS Lightning Talks!

Talks: IPFS Lightning Talks!

August 1st, 10:30am-11:30am
Decentralized Web Summit 2018
Log Lounge

Arkadiy Kukarkin , Protocol Labs
Mitra Ardron , Internet Archive , Lead on Decentralized Web Project
Michelle Hertzfeld , Protocol Labs , Product Management and User Experience
David Dias , Protocol Labs, IPFS, libp2p & IPLD , Peer-to-Peer Software Engineer
Juan Benet , IPFS , Founder
Marcin Rataj , Protocol Labs , Web Browsers WG, ipfs-companion
Ian Preston , Peergos Ltd , Founder
Jeromy Johnson , IPFS , Engineering, Libp2p
Benedict Lau , Toronto Mesh , Contributor
Pedro Teixeira , Protocol Labs , Software Engineer

This will be a track about IPFS, use cases, and some of the apps built on it.  


IPFS Project Overview (David Dias) starts here

IPFS in the Browsers! (Alan Shaw) starts here

PFS Companion (Marcin Rataj) starts here

IPFS in other platforms (Jeromy Johnson) starts here

Decentralized Data Stewardship, IPFS Cluster & IPFS for Large Volumes (Michelle Hertzfeld) starts here

Peer to Peer Applications on a Mesh Network (Benedict Lau, Toronto Mesh) starts here

PeerPad (Pedro Teixeira) starts here

Internet Archive on IPFS (Mitra Ardron, Arkadiy Kukarkin) starts here

PeerGos: Decentralized Encrypted Files (Ian Preston) starts here

Where is IPFS Headed? (Juan Benet) starts here



Mitra Ardron
Lead on Decentralized Web Project, Internet Archive

Mitra Ardron is the technical lead for the decentralization work at the Internet Archive. Apart from building a decentralized version of the archive he is interested in how we can build tools that can work across different decentralized architectures, and has built small libraries for naming and authentication.   Prior to the Archive, He co-founded the Association for Progressive Communications (, co-authored several internet standards, and was CTO on the first peer to peer video sharing system (which pioneered sharding and content addressing).  His passions include renewable energy (ran solar payment networks across Africa); and mentoring innovators working to make the world a better place. 


Videos from the summit:

Benedict Lau
Toronto Mesh & Hypha Worker Co-operative

Benedict Lau is an engineer who tells stories of technology practices that bring communities together. He studies distributed protocols and collective governance of digital infrastructures. When not "on email", he builds passable open source tools and facilitates activities about peer-to-peer local networks as a way to co-imagine a future equitable web. He is a member of the Hypha Worker Co-operative and a core contributor at Toronto Mesh.


Videos from the summit:

Jeromy Johnson
Engineering, Libp2p, IPFS

Jeromy is a Distributed Systems Engineer at Protocol Labs. He is the maintainer of the Go implementations of IPFS and Libp2p. Prior to that, he worked on large scale clustered filesystems at EMC Isilon, and got his Bachelors degree in CS at Washington State University.


Videos from the summit:

David Dias
Peer-to-Peer Software Engineer, IPFS

David is a Peer-to-Peer Software Engineer at <a href="">Protocol Labs</a>. He is building the InterPlanetary File System, which enables the creation of completely distributed applications. He has also contributed to <a href=""></a> and built several modules that enable developers to check for vulnerabilities. He has a Master of Science in Engineering with major in Peer-to-Peer Networks from Technical University of Lisbon.



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Juan Benet
Founder, IPFS

Juan Benet created IPFS, Filecoin, and other open source protocols. He is the founder of Protocol Labs, a company improving how the internet works. He studied Computer Science (Distributed Systems) at Stanford University. Juan is obsessed with Knowledge, Science, and Technology.


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Arkadiy Kukarkin
Collaborations Coordinator, Protocol Labs

Arkadiy has worked on creating sustainable communities on the web for the past decade. He is currently the Collaborations Coordinator with Protocol Labs and advising Ampled, an artist support co-operative. Previously, he was the CTO at Mediachain Labs (acquired by Spotify in spring 2017) and worked on The Hype Machine, an influential music blog aggregator.


Videos from the summit:

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